Saturday, May 10, 2008


I Bought A Pack Of Cigarettes Today.

I had enough money to buy the cheaper pack of cigarettes called "Hummers". They cost $1.59 with tax - as opposed to my brand - Kools - which cost around $4.50 a pack!

Beggars can't be chosers when they don't have a lot of money!

My adsense payment won't be coming for a couple of weeks yet.

But you know what? I am grateful for at least having these cigarettes because I am a much nicer person when I have cigarettes!

Believe me you wouldn't want to meet me on a bad day!

This one pack of cigarettes will at least get me through the weekend!

I have about $10 in my bank account right now but that is because one of my checks hasn't been cashed yet and I am oh-so-tempted to spend that money on cigarettes. With that $10 I could buy 2 packs of Kools! (Of course then if the check was presented it would be labeled as "insufficient funds" .....

Ever tried playing "tag" with your bank account?

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